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Wrapping machines


Our wrapping machines are used for wrapping pallets loaded with bags, big-bags, boxes or other goods. We have simple platform wrappers as well as automated solutions with a rotating arm or turntable.

The electronic motorised pre-stretch trolley, which is standard on all automatic stretch wrapping machines, allows a 340% extension of the stretch film. We guarantee load stabilisation with only 72 grams of film*.


  • Manual or automatic wrapping system
  • Pre-stretch of 340%
  • Option for top sheet
  • Up to 60 pallets per hour
  • Temperature controlled thermal sealing
  • Extendable with chain conveyor, buffer roller conveyors, shuttle transport, etc.


*Value obtained with a pallet of size 800 x 1200 mm, 1500 mm height, wrapped with 10 revolutions, application of an average of 5 kg clamping force, film roll with 500 mm height and 17 µm film thickness.

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