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Palletiser and film machines


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Conventional palletiser (pusher)


The robot palletiser pushes the bags layer by layer onto a plate. The bags are pressed layer by layer on the plate at the top and the sides. This type of palletiser is most often used for fully filled bags of the tubular film type, valve bags and flat film bags.

The ‘push-type’ palletiser is available in two versions:

Low level: capacity up to 1000 bags/hour

High level: capacity up to 2400 bags/hour


  • Application of pressure on the bags layer by layer (top and sides)
  • Flexibility for use of various pallet formats/palletising patterns
  • Option of use in combination with empty pallet magazine and cardboard/film applicator
  • Easy accessibility
  • Equipped with safety devices and supplied in conformity with current EC standards.

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