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Container tilt systems

A container tilter is an ideal system to easily pour out the contents of your container. The systems of the container tilt machine are ones we have designed ourselves at MAXPAC. With more than 25 years of experience in building container tilt machines, we have several custom-made designs. They range from standard container tipper systems to customer-specific designs. We adapt our designs and container tilter designs to your company. Our designs are characterised by durability and robustness.

Custom-made designs for your container tilter

You can count on our engineering company from Belgium to create a container tilter with a unique design and safe twistlock detection, automatic container recognition, remote control, weighing system. The entire system of the container tilt machine is PLC-controlled. These are the specifications:

  • At ground level or at height with platforms
  • Suitable for 20-, 30-, 40- or 45-foot containers
  • Unique safety detection for twistlocks
  • Tipping system from 30° to 60°
  • Automatic container detection
  • PLC-controlled systems

Our container tippers are extremely professional with the user experience in mind. Are you in the business of packaging materials in bulk? Our bulk handling systems offer you the possibility to improve the processing of bulk materials. In case you are looking for a container tipper or other machines and the cost is too steep to your liking, we recommend you take a look at our second-hand machines.

What are your options with container tilt machine?

Are you interested in a container tilter? Then you have the choice between the following options to add onto your container tipper:

  • Built-in weighing system connected to the PLC
  • Remote control
  • Platforms with safety stairs for truck loading
  • Loading bellows
  • Covered operator cabin

Count on our extensive mechanical knowledge of a container tipper

Are you already in possession of a big bag filling machine? If so, we are always available to assist you with any revision or in case you come across any mechanical problems. This is also applicable to your container tilter. Create a seamless process within your company thanks to our designs. Contact us for any questions about a container tipper by sending an email to

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