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Manual bagging machine


Manual bagging system for bags and buckets in various designs, depending on the product, weight, and capacity.

We have both standard models and custom-made budget-friendly solutions.

The manual bagging machines can be equipped with an automatic or manual sealing system (stitching, sealing, etc.). We determine the type of feeding system according to the flow properties of the product.


  • From free-flowing to highly viscous powdery products
  • Feeding system depending on the product and the capacity (screw, belt or gravity feed)
  • Suitable for various packaging materials (bags, buckets, bag-in-box, etc.)
  • Can be expanded to include conveyor belt and vacuum lift system for manual palletising
  • Different versions according to weight (500 g to 50 kg)
  • Turn-key solution with product feed system, unloading station, etc.

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