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Tubular film machines (FFS)


Innovative packaging machine that forms, fills and seals 5-50kg bags from the roll. These machines are designed for free-flowing products as well as aerated, fluidised, powdery and/or aggressive products.

The basic machine has three control stations: one to form the bottom of the bag and to cut the film to the desired length, the second station for filling, and the third to seal the bag.

This can be extended to six control stations for the packaging of highly aerated powders. The machine can also be supplemented with numerous options such as deaeration probes, top-air deaeration, special coating, etc.


  • Feeding system depending on the product characteristics (free-flowing, belt and screw conveyor, etc.).
  • Gross or net weigher
  • Capacity up to 2000 bags/hour for free-flowing products
  • Weights from 4 to 50 kg
  • Deaeration probes for reducing product volume for powdery products
  • Dustproof filling nozzle for filling dusty products
  • ATEX compliant version can be supplied (Zone 20, 21 and 22)
  • Various cleaning options (manual/automatic)

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